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Jennifer Greer - Director of Hope Special Education Consulting and Counseling

My name is Jennifer Greer. I am the director of Post Place              

(a campus of Unless U) and Hope Special Education Consulting and Counseling. 

I am a certified Special Education Teacher. I have been teaching children with various disabilities for 27 years.


I was Pizitz Middle School Teacher of the Year and nominated for Alabama Teacher of the Year. I was Awarded Disney's Most Spirited Teacher Top 14 in the United States in 2020. However, there is no reward that I have received that means more to me than making a positive impact in the life of a child. I am passionate about helping a child with a disability reach their fullest potential in every aspect of life. 

I am married with 5 young adult children.

My husband and I adopted a son with Down syndrome in 2014. I also completed a 3 year Christian counseling training program. I am not a certified licensed counselor, but I can help you navigate your life as a parent of a child with a disability. My heart's desire is to give you hope along with meaningful life application. 

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