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Motivational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker - Jennifer Greer - Special Education Teacher

Inspirational speaker Jennifer Greer has over two decades of special education teaching experience. She is the director of Post Place (a campus of Unless U). She is an educational consultant and counselor for Hope Special Education. Jennifer is a wife and mother of five young adult children including a child with Down syndrome. She has a remarkable ability to engage the audience with real life stories and teaching experiences. Her genuine authenticity allows her to create a deep connection between the audience and the content of her talk. Jennifer Greer shares her journey in hopes to empower and inspire parents and teachers. She pours out her heart with wisdom and an undeniable love for all children with different abilities. Jennifer is dedicated to making a genuine difference in the life of a child with a disability. Her passion is contagious and her mission is inspiring. Jennifer Greer will leave audiences feeling hopeful and refreshed. 

Topics for Speaking:


  • Dream BIG! 

       (How can I help a child with an intellectual disability get into a              college program or have a successful job in the future? 

      *(Parents need to hear answers as early as possible) * 


  • Inclusion is a mindset not a place!  


  • Inspirational story of adopting my son with Down syndrome 


  • More alike than different! 

      (Special Education teacher vs parent perspective)


  Please contact to request speaker availability and fees.

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